Maitri Farm

Fall Meat Shares

We raise lamb and pork at Maitri Farm and our meat is sold as Meat Shares. This means we offer bulk packages of meat a few times year. All meat is processed in a USDA licensed facility and vacuum-sealed in plastic.

All of our animals are raised on pasture with great care. The sheep are rotated to new pasture every two or three days and given small amounts of supplemental grain. The pigs are raised on pasture and allowed to root around and play in the mud. They are fed non-GMO grain and vegetable scraps.

Our Meat Shares come in different sizes and have some variation in exactly what cuts of meat are included in what amount (every animal is a little bit different). We make sure every share includes a variety of cuts like roasts, sausages and chops. Eating every part is the best way to honor the life of the animal.

Distributions will be On-Farm in Amenia and at Kaia Yoga in Greenwich and Westport. We will confirm with you the date and time - they will be scheduled for the end of October and early November.

The Classics
The Lamb Share and Pork Share are the best way to make sure you get the best variety of cuts. They both include every cut from that animal that Maitri Farm offers. My Dad can fit a lamb share and a pork share in a standard freezer (the one on top of the refrigerator) no problem. He didn't even empty it completely. This is also an excellent excuse to  eat all the ice cream in your freezer.

Lamb Share – 15 lbs for $195. Includes classic lamb sausage, merguez sausage, ground lamb, blade chops, rack of lamb, loin chops, lamb stew, sirloin roast, shanks, lamb bones, round bone chops.

Pork Share – 25 lbs for $300. Includes sweet Italian sausage, kielbasa, breakfast sausage, ground pork, bacon, bone-in pork chops, pork stew, loin roast, country style ribs, spare ribs, Boston butt roast, pork bones.

"Just Trying it Out" Shares
If you're not a big meat eater, have limited freezer space or just want to try it out. These are the shares for you. 

Combo Share – 7lbs for $100. Includes bacon, sausage, chops, ground lamb or pork. 
Small Pork Share - 7lbs for $100. Includes bacon, sausage, chops, slow cooking cuts.

Small Lamb Share – 7 lbs for $100. Includes sausage, chops, slow cooking cuts.